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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Behind the Scene


As I was editing thumbnails to update my Flash Gallery, I found this. :)

This is the back-view of one of the ROSE pendant I’ve made. It reminds me how much fun I have had with those ROSE pendants – things like this only “looked” complicated, really, it’s pretty easy to execute, the trick is to work on both side of the wires in a synchronized manner – if you made a twist with the wires on your right, make sure you make an exact opposite same twist with the wires on your left – usually I twists them in a way that they will hold on to each other, but you could also make use of beads to hold them together to set it’s shape. :)

Being able to “create” is a privilege, IMHO, cause you can create anything you like. You’re the law. :)
So be good, It’s almost Friday now! XD

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