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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ocean Wave Pendant, Wired

IMG_4740 IMG_4751 IMG_4754 IMG_4759

Experimenting, experimenting! Another great fun experience I’ve again, gained.

P/S: This thing need WigJig!


Have fun looking!



Mei Tan said...

Corra! This look like the mystical knot. You know I hv been wanting to make the mystical knot with wires, without success :(

Corra said...

Mei that knot is TOUGH! I never dare to try! :D

Diana Norman said...

Beautiful new design, Corra. I like the beadwork at the top. I've been working on thin gauge wire knotting for a while, and keeping the wires straight is tough, you do it well :) I wonder how this design would look with the knotted part braided?(6 strands) The mystic knot is not that tough, it's hiding the ends that is the tricky part

Unknown said...

Corra, that's beautiful! *__*

Really love your website.