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Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret Treasury Ring, Wired Chinese Knot

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Of course I would want to put this knot onto a ring, and of course, I will too, to try to put it onto cufflinks. I made a really simple ring base with 18ga wires, so that I could attach the Secret Treasury Knot on it. It sits steadily on the ring base leaving the remaining base loops exposed – worked exactly the way I thought it would.


Love this. Hope you enjoyed it too!

P/S I am wondering where could I source some cufflink’s base – anyone? Please?


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1 comment :

Cristina said...

Love this one. Have been busy so I just caught up on your blog. I am feeling kind of overwhelmed by all of my "regular" work I've been doing stocking up for shows that I think this will be the perfect project to get my mind off that "regular" place for a while.

I get my cufflinks base from Santa Fe Jewelry Supply ( They are far away from you, but that's where I get mine. They sell them in nickel and sterling silver.

Off to get the tut now!