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Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Chinese tend to read their supposedly fortune during Chinese New Year celebration, for as much as I would have ignored the commonly practiced activity, information reached out their ways from radios/ TVs and forwarded E-mails. So I’ve been advised to wear something round with diamonds last year, and my youngest brother was watching that TV show with me that moment. He’d asked if I could make something like that, I remember I said “shouldn’t be a problem.” He smiled, and said if I ever made one of those, he would want something like that, but for man, too.
Well, I WAS serious about making such thing is POSSIBLE, what I did not tell him was for as much as I have visualized it in my mind there and then, the conclusion I made was – too hard. I won’t want to start this unless 1) I am absolutely free and bored, 2) it is 100% necessary.
A little background of how this thing came about again after one year.
A friend requested for a pair of ROSE studs, and as I was making the stud base, she requested to have diamonds surrounding it. Hmm. Surrounding diamonds again. Well to cut it short, that request somehow reminded me that I do have a NEED to create something truly for myself, for an event happening this coming Saturday, and as I put the ROSE studs on hold for now since there are flaws needs to be fixed (I can’t figure out how yet), I jumped in for this project for myself. Yes you heard me right – this is something truly for myself. A total different approach of attaching diamond cuts Cubic Zirconias as compared to ROSE studs, another round of lots of trials and errors, too many wires and finger skins gone to waste. And now I am think I am done with this.

Personally, I am super satisfied with this pair of earrings. Do you watch Gossip Girl? I seriously think this IS something Lillian van der Woodsen a.k.a Lily would wear! *BIG BIG GRIN* – so now you know how the name “Lilyv” come about!

Hope you enjoyed viewing!
Have a great week ahead!

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Unknown said...

Wonderful work as always!! Good luck on your interview on TV. Thanks so much for sharing.