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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh my poor fingers: ROSE Stud {Colour Mixing}

IMG_9302 IMG_9303 IMG_9305 IMG_9314 IMG_9317 IMG_9318

Seriously, what do you think? I think the goldish made the texture shout, I think it is gorgeous, I think it made the details even more…visible!

Again this is yet another experiment piece – putting silver and goldish metal together. Unfortunately the half-hard non-tarnish brass simply isn’t right for this design, my poor fingers, though I might eventually make a pair for myself for keepsake.


There…. Observe my finger – those aren’t dirt, it’s my dead skin, I’ve made the stud last night and this picture is captured this morning, I thought my finger is sending me some sort of signal/warning. I think I should ditch this idea haha. I need be kind to my fingers so that I could create more! :P


What ya think?

Learn the technique to make this: Rosabella Pendant & ROSE Pendant tutorial.

Happy weekends all!!!


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there is a surprise for you in my blog!!