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Monday, April 26, 2010

Snowflakes Earrings by Emily, Wired Chinese Knot

It was an ‘eventful’ week and weekend to me last week – first fell ill with burning throat and high fever, and then was informed by John, a dear friend who’d always proof read my tutorials before I’ve published them, with a news that one of my colleague, Eddy T, is diagnosed with H1N1. What he didn’t know was I actually bumped into Eddy on Sunday.
But since I was able to recover really quickly, doctor did not advise me to take a H1N1 test.
“If you’ve got it then the medication you have had would not work.”
That’s it. That’s all he said, and he granted me 2 days MC and that was it.
Phew. As I am recovering I hope Eddy recover soon, too.
Then, attended a seminar to help me to become a better person. :) Though I do check E-mails during breaks, I’ve got this mail from Emily, here’s what she said that made my day:

Hi Corra
How's everything at your end? I hope this mail will find you in the best of health and also I've been "following" you, so I know you've been real busy. You have a very nice smile in the picture that you posed in the LBD. (Emily, what is this??? LOL!!!)
Just a short email to let you know that I've tried out your Snowflakes Earrings. I tried many, many times and succeeded in completing not one but two pairs of it. I broke many pieces of wires along the way while trying to attach the beads and had to dump them. I got addictive after the first pair and proceeded to make the second one right after that. Wanted to make the third pair but I managed to stop my itchy fingers from going further. I can't find beads with big holes in my stash so I had to use bigger beads with bigger holes for the wires to go through twice.
Will make an attempt at your Jia Sha Pendant Tutorial sometime in the near future but first I have to get myself a drill.
By the way, am attaching here some pics of the Snowflakes Earrings to share with you.
Till then, have a wonderful and productive week ahead. Take care.
Emily Tan”
Tell ya what motivates me – this is exactly what could motivates me to continue to invent and teach! I am happy for Emily and I hope she sells tones of Snowflake earrings! And I don’t want anything from what my student gain from making and selling these designs for as long as they will create and sell them, just remember to give a tiny credit to me! Hehe!

Thanks Emily! :)
P/S More pictures on her site! So do pop-over and say Hi!
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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