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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wired Chinese Knot: Version 2 - Knotted Oval Lace Earrings for Wedding, Prototype


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This is a continued post from Wired Chinese Knot: Knotted Oval Lace Earrings for Wedding, Prototype.

Constructing Unique Luxurious Handmade Wired Chinese Knot Jewelry for Wedding
The first version involved wire weaving on both sides of the jewelry to hold the in-loop curls, although I’ve added 8 round Swarovski Crsytal Pearls the shape is not steady. I was supposed to show it to the client but she was away from home for the weekend, and because I was on the roll I decided to move on to working on improving it without gathering feedback first. As I was tying those knots (with a-hem, lots of love) one after another, I thought may be I should instead of tying different sizes of the knots let’s see what will turn out if all knots are in same size.
The inner frame was initially - “U” shape, but it just doesn’t go well with same sized knots; I changed it to “V” frame – ahah! I love it almost immediately already.

Let the Bride Choose Her Jewelry
I only manage to catch my client after I’ve came up with Version 2, and she couldn’t decide, she thought she likes Version 1’s ‘U’ inner shape more, I told her to go home and think about it and we will talk again the next day. If she decided that she didn’t like Version 2 then we will figure out something else. And again, I didn’t wait for her to make decision, I thought if her choice was Version 1 then I would better off having some solution for the flaws I’ve discovered making Version 1. So on the same night itself I worked out Version 3 – an improved version from Version 1, adding additional wires to stay put the shape, sturdier, and more balanced in shape.
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Wired Chinese Knot Lacey Oval Earrings
Decided Her Jewelry
“We decided that we like Version 2.” She told me the next day.
The rest are history. :)

Feedback are PRICELESS!!!
To help building up her confident, I even ran Vote and Poll in few places to gather feedback, and here's some of them:
Marianne 'Marika' S: I agree, I like the second one better...BUT The first one is still gorgeous!
Shay S: If I had to choose, I'd say #2 :)
Cynthia C: Ok, here's my weird answer... (LOL) I loved the u-shape interior in the first version, but I like the rest of the earring better on the second version. If I had to choose one, it would be ver2.

Krista F: version 2 because I love how the intricate the work is but they are both beautiful
Kerckhof: Version 2. The shape is more outlined with the pearls border and the wire in the center of the earring. The shape looks stronger and more defined.

Wendy S: version 2!

Rita G: I love version 2, is elegant and beautiful!!
Susan M S: Cora, they are both lovely. Like version 2 just a little better. It shows off the intricate work better. Version 1 is nice as well, but the intricate work, while still there, appears to blend into the design instead of pop.
Val L: My first reaction is that I like version 2 better, but I really like the top of version 1 and how the wire comes down and curls instead of coming up from the bottom on version 1.
Florence W: do you sell tutorials? (Yes I do sell tutorials, Florence!!!)

Dana H: Love them both but loving version 2 a bit more for all the same reasons as everyone else :)

Olga S-R: they are both beautiful but version 2 looks more antique....
Kim A: Both are gorgeous, but I like #2
[More comments can be viewed from de Cor’s Handmades fanpage.]
And here are some from Jewelry Forum:
khittenheart: I like v2 better; somehow the V shape seems to flow smoothly.
Nancy: They're all gorgeous but I like the V-shaped one the best.
Shae: Hi Corra~They are all very beautiful. But, I was almost instantly drawn to the one that V's in the center. So I will have to go with that one! I will say, I like the woven sides on the 1st and last versions. I think it gives it a nice finished look. But, I really like the V center & the small stone in the center. Could you mix them together? hahaha ;) Very Lovely Work! Shae :)
peridot60: Version 2 is my favourite, but I agree with Shae about the woven sides. Maybe it's time for version 4?
Mary: Wow, that's a tough one... I like the "V" a lot, but there's a lot to be said for the "U". If I were shopping, I'd probably go for the "V". Hope that helps - there both incredible!
gw1008: Absolutely brilliant! I, too, like the V -- as it currently is, without woven sides. Very classy.
Georgette: What technique did you use to fill in the space between the frame? Crochet? It's a very unique piece. Thanks for showing it! (It is Wired Chinese Knot Georgette!!! :D )
Becky: I actually like the taperof the woven upper frame in V1 best.
Martine: Hi Corra,They are all gorgeous but I think my favorite is number 2. I like the shape and balance of the design and the tiny sparkly stone adds an anchor and a focal point. On saying that, I like them all!
wiggo29: wow you have done it again, you always make amazing things!!!!! I vote for V2. i think it is sexy and super stylish!
Elena: I like the one that the middle
WW: Hi, Corra, This is a really pretty design and IMHO well worth pursuing. Because you asked, here is my own 2-5 cents worth. I, too, am drawn to the "V" shape in version 2 which echoes the "V" shape on the bottom. Further, by adding yet another "V"-like shape at the top of the piece and integrating this into a bail connection of some variety would complete the design. You would then have the magic odd number of shapes (V-shapes x 3) repeated in the design and the eye would then flow from the "v"s of the bottom, back up to the pretty pearl surrounded by the "v" shape at the top and therefore, keeping the eye traveling throughout the design.
In addition, the weave on v#3 on the upper sides adds another layer of texture while contrasting with the "tangled?" weave on the bottom (I cannot quite tell which weave from the photos). Some would say, however, that keeping the same weave throughout the design encourages continuity. Personal taste here.
One question: was the stability factor that you mentioned with v#1 solved in the later versions? Anyway, this is a really pretty piece and I am looking forward to the finished product. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the opportunity to share in your design process.

kit___: While I like all three versions. I like version 2 with the "V" the best. I also like 3, the detail in the center is very nice.
fluffe1980: Version 2 for me :)
flake82: They all are very beautiful but I like V2 a bit more.
Christine: Hi Corra, Once again gorgeous work. I am drawn to #2 because of the shape and I like how the netting goes all the way to the bottom of the V giving it a complete look. Beautiful!
Gwynettekea: I had a hard time. My computer wouldn't let me see the 4th one enlarged and only held of the 3rd one.
I was drawn to the one with the V and with the extra detail up the side. I liked the U also but lean a little more to the v and how its followed through in the technique.
Lisa: I am drawn to the V in the middle. #2 is beautifully made (as all of them) but it catches my eye more quickly than the others. Excellent work Corra. Really beautiful and elegantly done. :oD
Oh man, only if you know how thankful I am to hear feedback from you all, you guys are amazing!!! For someone being obsessed with whatever she is creating or created, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your constructive feedback and contribution, I couldn’t have asked for more! :)
Will keep you posted with the progress! :)

Update: Bridal SilverLace Earrings Tutorial is now available for download.

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