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Monday, June 30, 2008

Vintage Wine, Wire Jewelry, Earrings, Wired Chinese Knot

Technique: DCH004, ZHU.
Vintage Wine Earrings - Composed with few wire wrapping techniques to deliver its exquisite, delicately beautiful effect.

Made with different gauges of sterling silver wires and beautiful flawless garnet beads.

Size: 2.3cm tall, 1.3cm at its widest measure.
Weight: 1.5gram each, 3gram in total.


ChezChani said... do amazing work.

Janine said...

Very pretty! They must look great on.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! This is a technique I'm wanting to learn. Do you have suggestions on where I can find information on wire wrapping?

Corra said...

Chezchani, thanks so much for your compliment.

Janine, thanks very much for dropping by!!

Tina, thanks. For wire wrapping, you could start with EniOken's free online tutorials (I started off with that), for this pair of earrings, it was ZHU knotting I've introduced in my tutorials (check out my tutorial page for more info). Hope this help. :)