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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Movie Clips for PIPA designs, Wired Chinese Knot collection, Wire Jewelry


I chuckle a little reading the title itself, ha ha. Movie clips? I wished. :P

Hey sorry if you have enter this blog because of this blog post title – I didn’t meant to frame you lol, for as much as I would like to compose some movie clips I am NOT THERE YET! But you know what? I will be one day!!! (I don’t know, I am sorta fan of Susan Boyle, she gave me so much hope when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” on that stage. :P

So now, spare a minute and 39 seconds of your time to see what I’ve put together for your viewing pleasure. This Wired Chinese Knot, PIPA design is significant to me and the Wire Jewelry community as more than a thousand of wire jewelry artists have shown their interest and brought PIPA Earrings Tutorials home in the very same year it was published - yes, thousands of wire jewelry artists, have shown their very supportive spirit and opened-mind to accept this new approach, new adaption, new concept of Chinese Knot! So yes, year 2008 certainly meant something to me, praise the wire jewelry community for the ability to accept the new concept.
Back to this movie clip.

Most of the pieces presented in this clip were composed in year 2008 itself – because it was a new concept back then in year 2008, I’ve put in fair amount of time and effort to invent/ re-invent of how Wired PIPA knot and other Wired Chinese Knot can adapt into designs, the key to have a design being widely accepted is to inspire people on how the design can possibly be or, vary, a.k.a. variation.

I plan to continue to present my designs/ collection in movie clip format if you would allow me, just let me know if you welcomed it by leaving me a comment here in my blog or a comment there in Youtube, rate it if you can, and if you have a Youtube profile, remember, remember, re-mem-ber to subscribe my video list so that I could subscribe yours too! Love these stuff! :)

Hope you enjoyed viewing!

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Agnes Sim said...

too bad, i not yet try ur tutorial. :p