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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wire Jewelry, Wired Chinese Knot – Knot-The-Net Earrings and Pendant in action!

This is Tammy, my very, very happy customer, featuring handmade earrings jewelry, Knot-The-Net Earrings and Knot-The-Net Pendant (made to order design). Photo courtesy of Tammy’s lovely (i heard he is sexy too) Dad.

Fine Art Jewelry, Wired Chinese Knot.
100% Handcrafted/ Handmade.

The order came in while I was waiting to board – leaving Malaysia for a short holiday. iPhone is my best friend wherever I go – Notification E-mails got pushed in and I get to react immediately. I’ve notified Tammy that I won’t be able to execute the project until I am back in country, which is a week later, and she was totally understanding and kind, she told me not to rush it and instead, I should enjoy my trip.  what an understanding individual OMG!
I have used Dark Green Swarovksi Crystal Pearls for this design since Swarovski Crystal Pearls are the perfect imitations of natural pearls – just don’t scratch it because, unlike natural pearls, each Swarovski Crystal Pearls are made begin with a crystal sphere which would give the pearl at it’s ideal weight (hence it’s name!) and then each of them will be uniformly coated with iridescent/ mother of pearl like layers, the coating combined with the crystasl-base of the pearl bead then presents the pearls with luminosity and luster just like natural pearls – BUT! (don’t you hate this? hehe) since they are “coated” with men made materials, the color of pearls would degrade or scratched away. That is partially why I’ve choose dark color of Swarovski Crystal beads to begin with Knot-The-Net technique.

First: Dark Green Swarovski Crystal Pearls are generally misleading – people would perceive it as dark pearls right from beginning.
Second: Swarovski Crystal Pearls are more fragile than you will believe. Once it’s scratched it’s forever.
So, by applying Knot-The-Net technique to these Dark Green Swarovski Crystal Pearls it:
1. Enforces Eyeball effect. People will look and probably look harder to find out what these earrings really are. Come on you can’t argue with me with it’s uniqueness can you? And chances are when they looked hard enough they will realize it was Dark Green pearls instead of Black, haha – speaking outta my very own experience though.
2. Act as a Safety Net. The net constructed with 92.5 Sterling Silver wires wrap your precious pearl beads and protect it from being scratched when you wear it or before you successfully put it on – what? You have never dropped your earring(s) prior wearing them? Yeah right. :P

And there are some tips too for you if you are going to shop for your very own pearl beads. When we shop for natural pearls, the easiest way to identify genuine or men-made pearls is by:
1. Looking at their shape. Yes you can sure have perfect round pearls but please be ready to read it’s price.
2. Get the seller to scratch the pearls surface with knife (!!!) – wooow wooow, I said, just scratch a little! Then by observing if it’s inner layer shows exactly the same color/texture as it’s surface, you know you are getting natural pearls. Oh by the way, nevermind that little scratch cause you could get the seller to replace it with one that’s not scratched, chances are they have more than enough to scratch on and proof it to you their pearls are worth getting because they are natural pearl beads.

So, if you are interested in trying out this project, you can get some Swarovski Pearls at wholesaler price from Amazon:

Happy Knotting-the-Net you all!

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Dearest Corra,

Thank you dear so much (Hugs Hugs) for featuring me in your blog. Really much appreciated.

I love to bits. Big Hugs!

I am happy to get to know you and your wonderful work of Beauty which make me sparkle. :-)