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Thursday, January 8, 2009

DCH008, New Tutorial: Friendship Band, Wired Chinese Knot (Preview)

IMG_9273 IMG_9265 IMG_9271
New tutorial on it’s way!!! First tutorial for the Year 2009!!!
Friendship-band, made with Chinese Knotting and lots of love, a brand new approach to wire weaving, very versatile, too much possibilities.
This design is dedicated to my cruise of dearest friends and relatives whom I seek comfort from, and whom had just walked me through the unpleasant incident (once again). I would also like to thank you all for your warm E-mails and supports from all around the world (you know who you are…) – I’d stay positive!!! :D - That Which Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger, I hereby promise you to continue to contribute to the community!!! YAY!!!

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P/S: Hello Ms.i-m, I see you. You LOVED this weave FIERCELY, don’t you? *wink*


BobbiWired said...

Gazing in my crystal ball, I see another best seller in your immediate future!11 Beautiful weave and bracelet!!!

Gaby said...

Hey Bobbi, I was the 1st one foreseeing new tutorials! But i don't have a crystal ball! I surrender, LOL

BEAUTIFUL, this bracelet will make my year (already being too harsh) more bearable!!! PLEASE release it sooon!!!!
Thanks for sharing~