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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Step By Step Wire Jewelry Tutorial – Bridal SilverLace Earrings, Wired Chinese Knot Series

Instant Download Step-By-Step Wire Jewelry Tutorial

 Bridal SilverLace Earrings Tutorial is now available for download at de Cor’s Handmades official website – please take advantage of the 20% discount for second item too if you are intended to get more than just this tutorial.

October 2010 definitely is a wedding month in Malaysia! Basically I have to attend to wedding dinners every weekend starting from the first week of the month start. Hennley briefly mentioned about getting herself a pair of earrings last year, and the official order came in February this year. I have constructed 3 versions of this earring before finalizing the design. Here’s the write up if you are interested:
So here it is, for Autumn 2010, I am proud to present my new Step By Step Wire Jewelry Tutorial, filed under Wired Chinese Knot series, the Bridal SilverLace Earrings Tutorial. I choose to publish this today because today, the historical wonderful day of 10-10-10, is Ms. Hennley Sah and Mr. Devin Loong’s wedding! For those who’d requested for this tutorial, would you also please grant this lovely couple your blessing because, Hennley is the main source of my inspiration for this design, and she is too kind that she’d let me write the instruction in composing this supposedly private, exclusive and one-of-a-kind design into a tutorial, so now people may learn how I have constructed this pair of earrings. I myself is benefited too because I forget how I make all my designs too easily and now with this tutorial, I can certainly remember how it was done, and at the same time many handmade jewelry lovers too will know how this was made. Hennley, you are amazing!

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Til then, take care!
Corra @ de Cor’s Handmades

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