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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wired Chinese Knot – Silver ROSE Studs and Pendant


This set of jewelry are result of combination of Wired Chinese Knotting with Wire Weaving. :)

Wired Chinese Knot ROSE Studs:
The ROSE focal is made up with two Wired Chinese Knotting, and the base is composed with basic Wire Weaving technique. 

Wired Chinese Knot ROSE Pendant:
A slight twist from the ROSE studs in becoming a ROSE pendant, that I won’t lie. Hehe. When the order came in the reference item used was CZ ROSE Pendant Build 7.0 finalized in April 28, 2009. Client said the owner didn’t like the coils, and would like it to changed to be the same base as stud. I said no problem, of course.

Design Background/ History:
I made the very first pair of ROSE studs in January 15, 2010, while prototyping Christine’s earrings in January 2010, finalized in February 2010, and have been receiving orders for ROSE studs since. I can’t remember how many pairs of ROSE studs I have made and sold, but as of now I am still spending 7 hours to construct a ROSE stud no less. There are too much details to take care of – the studs base’s measurement, the weaving path, setting the focal, hiding the wires tails and adjusting those petals.

To make these Silver ROSEs, you need to combine two instructions delivered by RosabellaRose

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Have you ever had a moment like this, that when you are focusing on making your design, you make them full-hearted and 100% of your concentration… When done, you found that you can’t take your eyes off it…
I have a dream – that one day I will create my design with precious, precious metal that shall not tarnish, that would not fade. Instead of Cubic Zirconias, it will be Diamonds, instead of Sterling Silver, it will be Platinum, or Rose Gold – to match the name “rose”.

Perhaps I should reposition the whole thing.
I shall set it as a “Goal”, instead of thinking it as a “dream”. :)

Wish you have a wonderful week ahead.

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades


Cristina said...

Corra, you do amazingly beautiful work and I really admire you.
I'm sure you'll make that goal come true in time, you have the talent and the skill for it.

I wish you happiness.

Cristina, from Sunshine's Creations

The Beading Gem said...

Oooh, very pretty! I like the rose knot for sure!

Jay said...

To do such creative jewelry concentration is the main factor. Amazing piece of work and really i admire you. Beautiful use of techniques.
Diamond Houston